Founder & Managing Partner

In the modern world, there is a greater respect for ‘how’ over the ‘what’.

Clients, associates, employees and other stakeholders are beginning to indicate ‘Don’t just tell us what you will deliver to us, but also tell us how you will do so in a predictable and sustainable manner.’

This is bringing into spotlight a philosophy that is assuming increased importance: Governance.

At our firm, governance stands for two principal realities.

One, we believe in holistic integrity – whether this is through communication transparency with our stakeholders, complete compliance with the laws of the land and more than measuring up to the ethical expectations of all those who engage with us.

Two, we believe in investing a range of experiences and knowledge in our people, widening their perspectives.

We believe that the combination of subject matter expertise and an ethical mindset can transform realities into the positive with speed.

This is how we have enriched stakeholder relationships in the past; this is how we expect to sustain them across the future.

This is our simple blueprint of how we expect to make the world a better place for all those who engage with us.

  • Completed graduation from St. Xaviers College, Company Secretary course before attaining Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Commenced his professional career at a prominent Kolkata-based corporate house in 1994
  • Appointed as a Company Secretary heading the Group’s capital market division
  • Promoted to address legal matters, eventually heading the Group’s Legal Division
  • Addressed legal cases of varied complexity, helping catalyse the company’s growth
  • Left the corporate house to launch an independent law firm in 2009
  • Possesses more than 25 years of rich corporate, commercial and legal experience
  • Advisor to prominent corporate houses, MNCs and HNIs
  • Driven by the vision to emerge among the most competent law firms in India


Senior Partner

‘We have been asked many a time: What makes us different?’

This is my answer.

Our firm is a responsible contrarian. We encourage clients to explore alternatives and out-of-court solutions that could be quicker, efficient and less stressful

There is a singular objective : to provide substantial value to our stakeholders (relief, peace of mind and smoothness of engagement)

Our firm provides a considered and balanced approach. We provide advice based the legal tenability of the case and the practical realities of the world

There is an emphasis on providing personalised attention in framing a legal strategy comprising active involvement of the senior management

Our success has been derived through the management of client expectations in a transparent manner by listing probable downsides upfront, eliminating undue optimism on the one side and investing the best effort on the other.

  • Completed his graduation from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  • Completed his Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary courses
  • Completed his Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Joined the firm in 2012; promoted to the position of a Senior Partner
  • Core areas of practice comprise Corporate Advisory, Insolvency & Restructuring, Financial and Taxation
  • Possesses a rich experience in the drafting of commercial contracts including cross border, banking and other documentation
  • Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Indian National Bar Association and Bar Association, High Court, Calcutta



Fresh blood. Enduring values.

I am the youngest member of the promoter’s family to have joined the firm.

I have a challenging brief set out for myself.

My objective is to infuse fresh ideas into the organisation and provide out-of-the-box solutions to clients.

I believe that this is not only necessary in all organisations but more so in the legal services sector marked by the onset of technology on the one hand and the need for innovative solutions on the other.

My focus will be in implementing ideas that reconcile our enduring values and enhancing client delight.

  • Completed his BA. LLB (Hons.) with a specialization in International Law
  • Graduated from the prestigious Amity University in 2020
  • Interned at various prestigious law firms and counsels
  • Trained extensively in the family law firm
  • Associated formally with the firm since September 2020
  • Focused on Arbitration and International Law


Our team comprises more than 60 professionals from varied professions and experts from different fields as well as subject matter experts who cover a range of disciplines; women comprise 40 per cent of our team. The firm’s average age was 28 as on 31 October 2020.


Our team possesses a competence in long-standing spaces as well as in emerging areas of relevance. This makes our firm enduring and dynamic with a growing relevance to the challenges faced by clients in the real world.


  • The company has given me a base to build my career through knowledge and experience growth. We have developed the ability to imagine, plan for, assist clients and help one another every day. This firm’s environment celebrates contributions which people thrive for.

    Sneh Trivedi

  • In just a year the firm has made an impact on my learning experience by challenging me in enhancing skills and knowledge. It is a blessing to work under experienced seniors.

    Piyali Pan

  • I have been working more than six years at the firm, staying on for the knowledge, work environment and opportunities.

    Sumon Roy

  • The firm has provided employees with the desired appreciation as a result of which one has not needed to look for opportunities elsewhere.

    Riti Basu

  • It has been a pleasure to work in an environment that enhances creative approaches to challenging matters. The spirit of our Partners makes the process enriching

    Roshni Acharya

  • This firm offers the combination of good people, work-friendly environment and sophisticated work.

    Chandrani Das

  • Learning is never-ending at the firm.

    Joy Halder

  • What I find compelling is a co-operative and collaborative work environment.

    Shaunak Dutta

  • During my four years at the firm, I engaged in everything – from ground work at the lower courts to international appearances in high profile matters – that has provided an amazing learning opportunity.

    Arjit Pratap Singh

  • I transitioned from a non-legal to legal career, which opened new avenues while working with some of the brightest legal minds.

    Deepti Solanki

  • The firm recognizes the value of data-driven approaches to deliver personalized experiences.

    Akshaya Puthran